Notable changes in version 0.3.0:

Plot branch 1 has been completed. What this means the game can be completed by choosing the first choice out of three. This is a huge step for the game.

  1. Marriage event added for Plot branch 1. I plan to add a CG scene for this but a CG scene takes a long time to plan, model, and then render. So, it will arrive later. Besides, neither Jack nor Leona is in CG at this point.
  2. Story quest P1-6 added.
  3. Story quest P1-7 added.
  4. Story quest P1-8 added.
  5. Story quest P1-9 added.
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Notable changes in version 0.2.0:

  1. The plot branch point has arrived. This is triggered upon three requirements are met. Having Marat, story quest 16, and having paid the Alca home mortgage 10 times. Refer to story quest 17 for more info. However, since the game world is not complete for Jordin and Baldar, only plot branch 1 is active at the moment.
  2. Plot branch 1 forces a lot of changes to the existing map. Lots of Etonian NPCs are relocated. Village Maco has also been expanded. Consider plot branch 1 a separate game. Money is no longer made by hunting. Animals are replaced with enemy soldiers and Juan is restricted to Etonia and some upper parts of Alcella. Trade outposts also become useless. Plot branch 1 is the strictest path. The game from this point on is straightforward. There is no side quest planned in plot branch 1 currently but I see I could add few.
  3. Story quest P1-1 added.
  4. Story quest P1-2 added.
  5. Story quest P1-3 added.
  6. Story quest P1-4 added.
  7. Story quest P1-5 added.
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Notable changes in version 0.1.8:

  1. Northern Cizna region, the fire temple and the fire dungeon, has been completed. This includes new monsters, thus new loots, and additional trading items from the fire dungeon.
  2. As a direct result of above update, the side quest (1), Mealen’s madness is also, finally, complete.
  3. A small Ciznian fishing town, Cetsu, is now open.
  4. Fort Kelgeath of Cizna is now accessible from Bella. With this, Cizna is complete design wise. Jordin and Baldar are the last two nations to work on now.
  5. Valura of Alcella has been redesigned and has been populated and new stuff added to it.
  6. Side quest (37) added to Valura.
  7. Side quest (38) added to Cyro.
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