My VPS went down. It appeared to be a hardware error and I waited it to come back. After about 5 hours, I felt automatic recover was no longer the case. So, I reinstalled VPS and restored from backup.

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Notable changes in version 0.1.7:

  1. Equa (The Cryo policewoman who is a werewolf) is now a CG character. Note that she is a recruitable character although only in plot path 2. Since she is recruitable, I had to turn her into a CG character sooner or later.
  2. Baba (Caretaker of Ezona mercenary guild) has also turned into CG. He is the recruitable character in plot path 1.
  3. A side quest (34) added to Cyro.
  4. A side quest (35) added to Cyro.
  5. Carriage service is now available but only for major cities on mainland. (Eton, Cyro, and Jalfti)
  6. City Cyro has been completed (for now). This city has more than 60 NPCs. It will be some further expansion but, for now, this is it.
  7. Baldarian city, Yaelu, is now open. The game world is getting there.
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Notable changes in version 0.1.6:

  1. Capital of Baldar, Baldar (same name), is now open. This is the smallest capital, though still big. Baldar is an interesting country where undeads are used as pets and servants.
  2. Town of Ryin has been redesigned. It’s no longer as big as Eton.
  3. Story quest 16 has been added. This story quest drops huge omen.
  4. A Jordin hamlet, Tito, has been added.
  5. I’ve added a crystal ball to Juan’s room in Alca to check on the level of Sue x Juan relationship level.
  6. Jordin region is now populated with animals to hunt.
  7. Trade outposts are now open. Some animal loots will say where it should be in demand and trade outposts in certain regions will purchase certain goods at much higher prices. Default sell % is 50. A loot with value of 100 will be sold at 50 if sold to random shops. If you sell it to specific trade outpost, it could be sold at much more. Almost all settlements have a trade outpost shop. Traders will tell you what they are looking for specifically. Dying settlements (like Tito) won’t have a trade outpost obviously. More will be added as version number advances. As this is a new feature, it will be improved and expanded. I will probably add quests to this as well. For now, though, trade outposts have been added.
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